Marina di Tertenia

Between sea, archeology and traditional food.

The Marina di Tertenia opens the doors of Ogliastra.When everywhere is raining, here the sun shine britghly.
There are lots of things to do and alternatives to choose from to get to know and discover the amazing territory of Ogliastra, for a well-rounded holiday, to discover the wonderful beaches, rich archeology and millenary culinary traditions.


Relax on the beaches and in the coves, savor the tranquility that can also be found in the high season, you will feel full of positive energy and you will miss these landscapes.

Relax along the fine white sand beaches and play with your children along the shore, swim with them in the shallow waters that characterize our beaches.

Foxi Manna and Foxi Murdegu are the main beaches, both equipped with all services. If you love snorkeling, spearfishing or simply love taking long swims in an earthly paradise, you are in the right place.

Your holiday will be full of alternatives and you will not have time to get bored, we will be available to provide you with all the necessary information.

From the little port of Marina di Tertenia and Arbatax is possible to organise a tour in the most famous beaches of eastern Sardinia and the Golfo di Orosei.

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Art and Culture

Ogliastra is also art and culture. Come and discover the works of artists such as Albino Manca and Maria Lai who have made their art a cultural concept known around
You can admire the works of Albino Manca in the Albino Manca Civic Museum di Tertenia, in the historic center of the town, while in half an hour by car, in the town of Ulassai you can reach the Maria Lai Art Station which will enchant you for its magical works.
Also in the town of Ulassai you can visit the Caves of Su Marmuri, with guided tours and organized nature trails.

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Food and Wine

Ogliastra is a land strongly linked to traditions and genuine flavors still today.
You will find products of excellence, such as the well-known Culurgionis d’Ogliastra IGP (Protected Geographical Information). The fresh dumpling-shaped pasta closed by hand in a spike and filled with a mixture of fresh potato, pecorino cheese, olive oil and mint.
Tertenia is world-known for cheese production. Near the hotel, you cannot miss the Caseificio di Tertenia known for the centenarians’ multi-award-winning cheese.
The close village of Jerzu, Città del Vino (city of wine), is rich in vineyards and world-known for the production of Cannonau, the famous red wine that has made Jerzu the City of Wine. The town’s winemaking cooperatives are open to visitors all year round, and if you are a wine lover, wine tastings will guide you to discover the most famous wines from Jerzu. Jerzu Wine Festival takes place every August, a not-to-be-missed event to explore the wine-growing tradition of Jerzu people.

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